Teacher's Resource Centre

Your one-stop place to download a range of High Five! materials to use in your classroom.  

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Downloadable Resources

Teacher's Presentation Kit and Tools

Enhanced digital resources for presentation, practice and reinforcement.  


Standard and higher level tests to evaluate your pupils' progress throughout each level of High Five! 

Evaluation Rubrics

Evaluate your pupils' progress in English, the key competences and cooperative skills using rubrics. 

Task Flashcards

A set of picture/word flashcards per level. 

Grammar Booster Worksheets

Reinforce and extend the Pupil's Book grammar syllabus. 

Teacher's Books - Spanish Editions

Download your level(s) of the High Five! Teacher's Book(s) in Spanish (as a pdf). 

Letters to Parents
Encourage parents to become involved in their child's learning of English.
Other Resources

A range of additional downloadable resources, including Project Unit



High Five! Programaciones by level in five different languages. 

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